On March 23 we gathered to enjoy a magical evening in the Hobbit Hole, celebrating the Tolkien Reading Circle’s first observance of International Tolkien Reading Day.  We shared the warmth of friendship as we read some of our favorite poems and readings in honor of JRR Tolkien.  A relaxing aura of companionship settled around us as we laughed and sang and offered our deep thoughts and appreciation.  Thanks, friends, for bringing your warm energy to this special Middle-earth celebration!


In the Rivendell Hall of Fire Charles peered over Frodo’s shoulder, and “the enchantment became more and more dreamlike…”


And Dan’s voice passed from a dream of music to “Eärendil was a mariner…”


Roger read a musical version of “Errantry” that was on its way to becoming Bilbo’s Eärendil poem.


Linda joined the hobbits on their way to the house of Bombadil, and everyone sang Goldberry’s greeting.


Andrea shared a Game of Thrones song, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” and she took us to a dell in the wild to recite Aragorn’s song of Tinúviel.


Elanor shares her book with Charlie.


Elisha read her story about Elanor Gardner, and she shared with us little Elanor’s favorite book, All the World.


Katy gave us “The Duel” by Eugene Field… a spat between a gingham dog and a calico cat.


Dyhrddrdh visited the moonless Merlock Mountains, and there we found “The Mewlips.”


Charles held us spellbound with his reading of Neil Gaiman’s “The Treasures of the Gods” from Norse Mythology – an introduction to a new book that we have heard so much about.


Elanor’s adventure!


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